The purpose of this web site is to provide a resource for vintage Marantz audio equipment.  My focus is primarily on solid state equipment made between 1964 through the late 1970's.

There are many Marantz models made during that time period.  I enjoy working on their Pre-Amplifiers, Amplifiers and Integrated Amplifiers.  I don't have much interest in their receivers, while the receivers are very popular and without a doubt look very cool, the lack of good quality radio stations limits my interest in them.

I find that the quality and selection of Marantz separates,  pre-amplifiers and amplifiers often exceeds the quality of their receivers without the complexity.  Marantz integrated amplifiers have a similar quality as separates in a single unit.  

As with most manufactures from those days, many of there products are based on a combination of different models, mixed and matched together to create another model.  There are often compromises with this type of design and having separate components eliminates these compromises.